Il Nido


Il Nido is a restaurant in Marlboro, New Jersey dedicated to using the best ingredients and showcasing a rustic version of Italian cuisine through a New Jersey lens. They are dedicated to sourcing the best possible ingredients and fostering long lasting relationships with local Farms and Partners. Our creative team helps to share this mission by capturing well-curated photography, and sleek video highlights on their social channels, email campaigns, and beyond.

INDUSTRY developed an organic branding strategy that truly showcases Il Nido’s dedication to ingredients and rustic mission, to deliver the highest possibly quality dining experience to customers. After our consultation, we scheduled multiple photography and video sessions with the staff, chefs, and owners to ensure the creative matched the establishments quality.

Then we spearheaded new email campaigns, social media output, print ads and other collateral to connect with current clients and followers. Our team continues to collaborate with Il Nido team regularly shooting and producing fresh ongoing content – and always grabbing an outrageous meal.